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Gadi is a recognized cybersecurity expert, serial entrepreneur, frequent contributor to industry publications, and speaker from Black Hat to Davos. Previously, he founded ACoD cybersecurity conference, Cymmetria (acquired) as CEO, led PwC’s Cyber Security Center, and served as CISO for Israeli National Digital Authority.


Gadi Evron LinkedIn
Gadi Evron,
Founder & CEO

Sounil is the creator of the Cyber Defense Matrix and the DIE Triad. Previously, he was Bank of America's Chief Security Scientist and the CISO at JupiterOne. He is a FAIR Institute Board Member and a GMU National Security Institute fellow.



Sounil Yu LinkedIn
Sounil Yu,
Founder & CTO

Advisory Board

Wendy Nather

Wendy Nather

CISO Advisory Lead, Cisco

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Amr. Mike Rogers (Ret.)

Former NSA Director

Caleb Sima LinkedIn

Caleb Sima

AI Security Chair, Cloud Security Alliance

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Doron Shikmoni

Forescout Founder

image (1) (1)

Allison Miller

Former CISO, Reddit

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Charles Blauner

Former CISO, Citibank

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Gal Tal-Hochberg


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Chris Inglis

Former National Cyber Director

Robert Rodriguez LinkedIn

Robert Rodriguez

SINET Founder


Eddie brings +20 years of engineering and research experience to the team. He was the CTO of Indolex, he led AI infrastructure at GM and headed the Data and Labs department at Tel Aviv University’s  School of Computer Science.

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Eddie Aronovich,

Jonathan brings years of experience in both legal and back-office operations roles to the team. Previously, Jonathan worked as a Senior Project Manager at Citi where he focused on AI security and policy issues. He was also a compliance manager at Flytrex, and is the former COO at Cymmetria (acquired).

Jonathan Braverman,
Chief of Staff

Shahar brings +20 years of R&D and engineering experience. He worked as the VP R&D at Build Security (acquired by Elastic), the Engineering Group Manager at Symantec, and R&D Team leader at Luminate Security (acquired by Symantec).

LinkedIn Photo
Shahar Davidson,
VP Eng.

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