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Knostic is RSA Conference Launch Pad Finalist

Knostic is officially out of stealth as we’re named one of the three finalists in the RSAC Launch Pad 2024 competition. Hooray! 

Knostic Team

Knostic is the world’s first provider of need-to-know access controls for Generative AI.

Enterprises are pushing for mass adoption of Large Language Models (LLMs) for search and chatbot use cases. But they are running into a wall.

It’s straightforward - Imagine an intern asking about sales revenue, expected layoffs, or M&A due diligence information, only to receive the same answer as the CEO. 

That’s why AI security and safety start with access control. Knostic ends LLM oversharing. 

We’re providing business value - not just security. With Knostic, answers are personalized to the employee’s own context so they can see everything they need, but personalized to their own need-to-know boundaries, unlocking the value of LLMs while simultaneously avoiding business harm.

Frame 1459So, how did we come up with this idea?

In the past, Sounil Yu (my co-founder and Knostic’s CTO) and I relied on system thinking and mental models for inspiration in our work. While exploring how AI could affect the future enterprise, we reached a conceptual breakthrough: The AI security challenge of enabling LLM adoption needs to be addressed through knowledge-level controls, e.g. business context, as opposed to age-old data-based least-privilege capabilities. 



(Sounil Yu - Left, Gadi Evron - Right) 

Since we started five months ago, we have: 

🌟Partnered with 10 design partners from the top leading global brands, all without marketing spend. 

💰Secured $3.3 in pre-seed funding to de-risk the market, technology, and team. 

💼 Developed a sales pipeline exceeding $20 million, enabling us to focus our resources on product development. 

🛠 Successfully deployed in PoC with two customers, gearing up for GA release end of Q2.

💡 Developed a patent pending, innovative solution. 

👥 Assembled an extraordinary team that makes us happy to work every day.

We would like to thank the RSAC Launch Pad team and VC panel for the opportunity, and for recognizing the importance of our work in tackling the LMM need-to-know challenge. We can't wait for the journey ahead.

We would also like to extend a thank you to our investors: Raj S. & Michael A. Brown (Shield Capital), Yair Cassuto, Sharon E & Aviv Barzilay (Pitango First), Hironobu Maeda & Kris Harms (DNX Ventures), and Reshma Sohoni & Carlos Eduardo Espinal MBE (Seedcamp), as well as angel investors Kevin Patrick Mahaffey (Lookout), David B. Cross (Rain Capital), Bryson Bort (SCYTHE), Travis McPeak (Resourcely), Matthew Honea (Forward Networks), and others.



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