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Need-to-know Based Access Control for LLMs

It’s time to end LLM oversharing 

LLM chatbots get a little too chatty. Knostic solves that

Share institutional knowledge:


What is the status of infrastructure project ABC?


What features are expected in the next product release? Which customers want it?


What is the latest marketing template?


Too much information?


Should we expect layoffs this quarter?


What are the due diligence results for the new M&A?


What bonuses were given last year?

Guide employees and customers to the info they need. And nothing they don’t


Enterprises work with Knostic to put LLMs to work for them

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Need-to-know Based Access Control for LLMs 

Ensure LLM-based enterprise search and chatbots provide answers within a user’s need-to-know.

? The right messages for the right users
Analyze existing permissions and role descriptions to automatically derive need-to-know levels across your org.
? Guided user flows
Provide users the answers they want and prevent oversharing of info they don’t need.
? Insights that drive personalization
Adapt answers within users’ need-to-know and personalize pathways to the knowledge they need.
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Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment and Gap Analysis

Not sure how to proceed? Start by diagnosing improperly secured content and over-permissioned users. 

? Capture LLM exposures
Automate checks to determine if certain roles are exposed to content they don’t need to know.
? Ongoing analysis and remediation
Receive targeted guidance on specific permissions that cause exposure of content beyond a user’s need-to-know.
? Adoption readiness review
Know where you stand in your remediation efforts and identify residual risks as you consider an LLM rollout.

Meet the industry leaders behind Knostic

Gadi is a recognized cybersecurity expert, serial entrepreneur, frequent contributor to industry publications, and speaker from Black Hat to Davos. Previously, he founded ACoD cybersecurity conference, Cymmetria (acquired) as CEO, and led PwC’s Cyber Security Center.


Gadi Evron LinkedIn
Gadi Evron,
Founder & CEO

Sounil is the creator of the Cyber Defense Matrix and the DIE Triad. Previously, he was Bank of America's Chief Security Scientist and the CISO at JupiterOne. He is a FAIR Institute Board Member and a GMU National Security Institute fellow.


Sounil Yu LinkedIn
Sounil Yu,
Founder & CTO

What's next?

What are need-to-know based access controls for LLMs? How will they end LLM oversharing? 

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Determine need-to-knows across your organization to end LLM oversharing.


the journey

Customized LLM answers made for users of all need-to-know levels.


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Whether you’re jumping in or testing the waters, Knostic has solutions for every enterprise. 

What's next?

For all digital transformation projects, LLM access is a top priority.
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